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Consulting for Homeschoolers:

Incorporate the way of the Heart-Strong Warrior into your child's school life.

Aura now offers consulting on how to build a curriculum for your homeschooled child(ren) that boosts emotional/heart intelligence. 

This includes exercises, games, and projects that can be 

incorporated into their day-to-day during school hours.


First (30 min) consultation is FREE!

$40 per session (1 hour).

Book your FIRST FREE consultation here.

Book a consultation.

In-School Programs:

Aura will also come to your school and offer her

Heart-Strong Warrior program in the classroom.

Check out "Heart-Strong Warrior Program

for more info.


Book Aura for a 5 weeks

Book for 10 weeks

Book for 15 weeks (full semester)

Contact Aura to discuss pricing and a free pilot class

(please include your phone number).


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