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Children love to play􏰑􏰒–it's also a great way to learn.􏰎 However, the games that children tend to play are often based on and inspired by what they witness in the world around them􏰎. They are influenced by TV, computer games, and the internet􏰎. They play Mom and Dad, 􏰏good guy-bad guy􏰐 games, power games, war games, and so forth.􏰎 In playing these games, children often identify with, act out, and try to solve the threats and complications of an adult life􏰎. 

At Everything New Academy we offer games and exercises that help children, parents, and the whole family learn about, discover, and cultivate important life principles and strengthen their connectedness through play. All the games and exercises are geared toward specific topics such as resilience and overcoming fear, happiness and what it means to be happy, the world of energy, discipline, emotional regulation, sensitivity to others, your surroundings, and your own needs and feelings, positive speech, giving and receiving positive energy, breathing, balanced movement, the pleasure of being calm–

just to name a few. All of these characteristics make up what we call a Heart-Strong Warrior.

When asking children (or anyone) where they feel love or happiness, they will most often point to their hearts. It is tangible, and yet also magical and mysterious. It is part of the mystery of life, and something we all share and enjoy in our most unguarded moments. This love or feeling of deep happiness is the foundation upon which to raise and teach children. 

Our mission at Everything New Academy is to help you and your kids learn what it is to be Heart-Strong Warriors through playing games. There is great enjoyment to be had, teaching your kids these really important life lessons through playing games. And you deserve enjoyment. 

It's a New Wato Play!

Visit our programs pages for information on what might work best for you and your family

... and more in the works so stay tuned!

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."  - Aristotle

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