Heart-StronWarrior Program

Taught by  Aura Bakker.

This program teaches children about the breath, being stronger than fear, that they are more than what they look like*, resilience or the disposition of self-transcendence, what always-already happiness is, and to feel, communicate, and be sensitive to their own needs and feelings, as well as the needs and feelings of others.

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We have started in-person outdoor classes in both Sonoma County and Lake County! Sign up here.

NOTE: All classes are offered as 5-week series but repetition is crucial, so extensions are encouraged :-)

*The phrase "you are more than what you look like" is taken from the book

What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy,

by Adi Da Samraj

The visual art in our classes helps process and integrate what children are learning. 

Check out Little Artist - Big Heart for specialty art classes.


In-Person Combo Programs

We have started a Little Artist—Big Heart and Heart-Strong Warrior combo program. And yes, it is in person!

Write us if you are interested in one of these!


Workshops with Clarence! (ages 3 to 6):

For this age group, we offer a 30-40 minute weekly session on Zoom with our famous puppet friend Clarence.

We always start off with a "hello" song and end with a "goodbye" song. Each session has a theme around which we do some little games, exercises, and crafts together. We also have a song for every theme.

Click here to watch a recording of a session.

Prices: $75 per kid for a 5-week series (siblings get a 20% discount).

Click here to sign up.


Programs for Ages 7-9 and 10-12 

Sessions are 1 hour long. In each session, we do a dynamic mix

of games, exercises, discussions, crafts, and meditation.

We focus on one theme per session.

Prices: $100 for a 5-week series (siblings get a 20% discount).

Click here to sign up.