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Heart-Strong Warrior or Little Artist -Big Heart Class (ages 3-6) 

Baby Music

(ages 3 - 24 months) 

We have an ongoing baby music group that you can pay for here. 

Time of class: 11:00 AM CA time

on Zoom.


Please go to the sign-up page if you want to sign your child up for a class that has not yet begun a series.

Little Artist- Big Heart 

(ages 7-15) 

Heart-Strong Warrior Class (ages 7-12) 

   Coming Soon!

Let your guard down and laugh, love, and be brave with your friends in this unusually happy card game.

Heart-Strong Warrior is full of playful challenges, rich conversation, and maybe even some meditation - just roll the dice. 


Bonus information: Each card is one piece of a big puzzle that you build together.


There are more exciting products coming soon - stay tuned!

You will also be able to pre-purchase our amazing new card game

Heart-Strong Warrior - The Mightiness of Happiness!

A manual of games, exercises, and discussions to

help the kids you care for cultivate heart-intelligence

Click on the book to purchase.

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