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Family Play:

Become a family of Heart-Strong Warriors!

Family Play is a special opportunity to learn and do Everything New Academy's

games together as a family under Aura's guidance.

Aura is the creator of the games and has the expertise

and experience of how they are most effective!

These games are practice in being happy, feeling, brave, and

communicative, learning about the pleasure of calm, and

the world of energy, and loving and helping one another,

all while having fun! 

This is a short series of play-based learning

with kids and their parents. It can be an incredibly sweet 

way to bond as a family (or as a mother and daughter, or

grandparent and grandchild)—any configuration is possible. 



FREE 30 min introductory Zoom call!

4 sessions of 45 min - 1 hour with the whole family,

plus a recap session with parents only.

$300 $225 *special* for the series.

(If you live near Aura in Sonoma County or Lake County,

she can come do it in person as well)


Consultations for Parents:

They say it takes a village to raise a child, let us be a part of that village!

Whether you need help in a specific area, or you want to find out more about,

and learn the games so you can do them with your kids, we are here for you!

We offer consultations where we suggest, teach, and consider the games

and exercises that are just right for you and your family situation.

These games and exercises both support and guide your child(ren) in

their adventure to becoming a Heart-Strong Warrior, and help them grow

into happy, balanced, and strong-hearted adults. They also serve to

prevent unnecessary emotional difficulties and support you when

these challenges do arise. 


FREE 30 min introductory Zoom call!

Ongoing and as needed, 45 min-1 hour per session.

$55 per session.

Book your FREE intro session here.


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