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You are MORE than what you look like

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Educational game: Rub your hands together till they get warm. Then, hold your hands open, with the palms facing each other. Start by holding your hands about a foot apart. Now slowly move them closer together. Slowly and gently move your hands back and forth a few inches now, without them touching each other. What do you feel?

The sensation you feel is the part of your body that is energy. It is subtler (or not as thick) as your physical body, and it changes depending on how you are feeling. It can have different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some people call this the etheric body, others call it an #aura. Some people can see these colors and shapes. But, even if we can not see it, we can feel it.

Have you ever been to places that just feel wrong? Or around people who give you an unpleasant feeling, like a “bad vibe”? Or have you experienced the exact opposite, when it feels really bright and happy to be around people and places? An example I often use when discussing this with children is #pets. Have you ever noticed that your cat or dog comes to sit on your lap or gives you extra attention when you are upset or in special need of some love?

These are all indicators that we are more than what we look like.

Because of this, think of all the ways we are affected by our surroundings and how we, in turn, affect the people and places around us. And of course, we affect our own physical body depending on how we feel. One of the ways we can affect our energy field is through the #breath. I like to say that our breath is like a bridge between our physical body and our emotional or energy body. We will talk about the breath more in our next post.

Note: for more educational games and resources, take a look at our book The Heart-Strong Warrior & How to Be One.

Another #game: A fun way to feel the energies around us and others is for you to get all the way across the room from a friend or your child. Close your eyes, hold your arms outstretched, and then super slowly, get closer and closer and closer until you feel you have entered the energy field of the other person. Once you feel that, stop.

I have played this game quite a few times with different age groups. Sometimes it takes a few tries to do this without bumping into each other (which is fine and can be fun). I have noticed that when you try this a few times, you start to become more sensitive to the feeling sensation of the other person's energy field. It's been really cool to see this happen with children. They often stop at exactly the same time!

Conclusion: You are more than what you look like – you are energy.

What makes you attractive or unattractive? It is not really about what you look like, it is the #energy you transmit. It is very useful to develop a #sixthsense for this in order to keep good company and be good company to others. In later posts we will go into some more specifics about how you can help yourself and others re-balance your energy field.

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