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Family Play:

Become a family of Heart-Strong Warriors!

Aura now offers a short series of play-based learning with kids and their parents.

It can be an incredibly sweet (and fun) way to bond as a family

(or as a mother and daughter, or grandparent and grandchild)

—any configuration is possible. 

These games are a practice in being happy, feeling, brave,

communicative, playful, and loving with one-another, all 

while having fun! 

Prices:  FIRST Session is FREE!

Classes are in series of 4 sessions (1 hour each).

$110 for the series.

I can come to you, you can come to me, or...

we can do it over Zoom.

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Workshops for Parents:

To be most effective in educating our children,

the parents and the educators need to be a united front.

We need to support each other. This is why we offer

webinars and workshops for adults as well.

In this program, we offer very hands-on tools that you can

use with your children to both support and guide them in

their adventure to becoming a Heart-Strong Warrior.

These tools are very playful ways to engage with your children.

They serve to prevent unnecessary emotional difficulties,

and to support you when these challenges do arise. 

In this program, we would play some of the games that

are part of the Heart-Strong Warrior curriculum, and

discuss the principles behind them.


Classes are in series of 4 classes (1 hour each).

$100 for the series online or in person (is possible).

Webinars will vary - watch for announcements!

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