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Art has been a guide to teaching her more about expression, imagination, dreams, and healing. She has worked with children over many years in different environments, and feels how important it is to learn to translate our dreamworlds into visual and performing arts. 


"Our imaginations are powerful when given the means to incarnate in artistic form. My favorite arts include painting, beading, paper collage, sewing, embroidery, dance, and costume-making."

Kheyala Bright

Kheyala Krueger loves getting creative!

She lives in Northern California where she got a BA in liberal arts, and now, practices her art, and (of course) being a Heart-StronWarrior!


Her mission is to create gifts of joy, moments of beauty, and help bring to light the transcendent nature of art with all who join her Little Artist - Big Heart classes.


  To see more and purchase Kheyala's art click here. 

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