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We are so grateful to you for being so wonderful to Logan, you're his first teacher that he really loved and talks about all the time!!! "Teacher Aura."  


You are so amazing with children and a great musician, not an easy combo to find!!

Logan's Mama

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Now Online!

How She Does It..
All classes are online during our orders to shelter in place. 
Aura does her classes on Zoom. This allows everybody to see each other and connect!

Everything is, in fact, new for babies. We could, therefore, not resist adding baby music classes to our Academy.


Aura has played music with babies and toddlers all over Los Angeles for many years. 

"Babies are the biggest delight to be around. They are connected to life at a very physical level, and so their enjoyment of music is also very physically based.

Just like everything we do at Everything New, my music classes are about the heart and enjoying a connection with one another (both parents and babies) through music and dancing."

Aura has written several kids' songs, which add a little something extra to her classes. She also enjoys playing a good mix of songs for both kids and adults to enjoy. 

Aura’s music classes for babies & toddlers are pure fun!  Aura is so sweet and genuine with the kids, and I love that her class has educational aspects to it, unlike just any sing-along class.

We love that she does so many activities with them -  singing, shakers, sticks, drums, parachute, and more. 

She gets everybody up on their feet dancing, and the smiles are infectious. 


Babies just love her!

Ariel - Owner of Zooga Yoga, West Hollywood

(special) Pricing & Info

Ages: 3 - 24 months or 3-4 years old.

Length of class: 30 - 45 min.

Prices: Sliding scale $50 - $75 per kid for a 5-week series.

Siblings get a 20% discount.

Drop-ins: $17 per class.

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