Heart-StronWarrior Classes

 In these classes - taught by  Aura Bakker - children learn

how to be Heart-StronWarriors through:


1. games


old English - amusement, fun, play.


The games we play, teach children about the breath, being stronger than fear, that they are more than what

they look like, the disposition of self-transcendence, what deep happiness is, and to feel, communicate,

and be sensitive to their own needs and feelings, as well as the needs and feelings of others.

These games are not tricks or techniques to bring about better behavior, but an opportunity to learn to listen to life, so they can change with it, and be happy in the midst of its challenges. 


2. dis·cus·sion


  • the action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision or exchange ideas.

  • a conversation or debate about a certain topic.

There are many topics in our classes that bring about rich conversations and discussions among children.

It is a wonderful way to learn to listen to one another and to express and share feelings and thoughts.

3. art


the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form.

We often include making some form of visual art in our classes. This helps them process and integrate what they

are learning. If you want to dive into the process of art-making more with your child, we have a class for that! 

Check out Little Artist - Big Heart for specialty art classes.

4. med·i·ta·tion


the action or practice of meditating.


Our favorite form of meditation is about coming to rest in always-already happiness,

and the pleasure of calm, while breathing in the "good stuff" and breathing out the "bad stuff."


Due to COVID-19, all our classes are online! 

NOTE: All classes are offered as 5-week series but repetition is crucial, so extensions are encouraged :-)

Classes with Clarence! (ages 3 to 6):

For this age group, we offer a 30-40 minute weekly

class on Zoom with our famous puppet friend Clarence.

We always start off with a "hello" song and end with a

"goodbye" song. Each class has a theme around which we do some little games, exercises, and crafts together.

We also have a song for every theme.

Click here to watch a recording of a class.


Sliding scale (online discount) of  $62.50 - $75 per kid

for a 5-week series (drop-ins available at $17 per class).

Siblings get a 20% discount.

Click here to pay, or here to sign up.

Ages 7-9 and 10-12 

Classes are 1 hour long.

In these classes, we do a dynamic mix of games,

exercises, discussions, crafts, and meditation.

We focus on one theme per class.

Ages are somewhat flexible. If there is a group of 

10-year olds, it is fine for a 9-year old to join in with them.


We offer a sliding scale (online discount) of  

$100 - $125 for a 5-week series.  

Siblings get a 20% discount.

Click here to pay, or here to sign up.

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